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Pionium Consultants Private Limited has been incorporated in the year 2019 with a mission to make technology implementation simple, quick and cost effective . The ever evolving technology environment considerably impacts businesses enabling them to adopt smart methods to evaluate data and make quick decisions to attain growth with speed.

The strong emergence of Small & Medium Enterprises in India, in both manufacturing and services sector, require reliable technology support in this regard. The Promoters and Core Technical Team have vast experience in Technology Consulting, Software Development, Implementation & Maintenance, Business Development Initiative, IT Governance etc., and have successfully executed medium to large projects in India and abroad. Since its incorporation in the year 2019, PioniumTech has successfully launched the following Products/Service Offerings:

CRM & Loyalty Management

[ Have a single, centralised view of your customers ]

For airlines, knowing your customer is of the utmost importance – not just your loyalty membership but your entire customer base. Our customer platform enables you to have a 360° view of your customers in a single database and allows you to integrate in real-time with all touch points of the customer journey. Remove the need for accessing multiple databases or only seeing part of the data – See your customers... history, their planned travel, their feedback, campaigns along with response stats, activities with partners, loyalty transactions and insights – all through one GDPR compliant platform.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The ERP solution of PioniumTech can be used for multiple industries and is fully configurable Its features and functionality include: Master Data management

  • Products and components
  • Business Partners (PMC)
  • ...

    Procurement Management Warehouse Management Financial management Project management Production management Anywhere Anytime Access

  • Secured Web and Mobiles based access
  • Use standard browser for accessing the system and documents

  • Document Management System (DMS)

    DMS will help scan, store and retrieve digitalized copy of all records, supporting documents, supplements, policies etc in index format for the quick and accurate data retrieval. The remarkable feature of this System is that relevant documents can be accessed over variety of hand-held devices to the decision makers.

    Business Process Management (BPM)-(Towards Paperless Office)

    Business Process Management [BPM] is the key to meeting the challenges of creating e and creating highly efficient and responsive business processes. BPM is a type of management discipline that integrates people, content and enterprise applications by combining a process-centric and cross-functional approach ... Business Process Management solutions provide the tools that help make business processes explicit while providing the functionalities to help business managers to control and change both manual and automated workflows. BPM will generate the following benefits:
    ● Enhanced organizational agility and efficiency;
    ● Supports the personnel efforts to drive process change and rapid innovation;
    ● Increases customer retention by providing customers better access to resources and information;
    ● Reduces cycle times through process optimization;
    ● Improves regulatory compliance, lowering the risk of errors with manual processes;
    ● Lowers Total Cost of Ownership by connecting users and applications within a unified business process management environment;
    ●  Accelerates responsiveness to business or transaction events with repeatable and automated processes;
    ● Delivers immediate and impressive ROI.

    Learning Management Solution (LMS)

    This is a training and coaching solution for delivery of specific training prgrammes, also capable of tracking the training completion, calenderization, performance measurement online. Easy to use, multilingual capability, personalized dashboards, collaborative tools, secure authentication, customizable

    Technology Consulting:

    Technology Consulting Services to clients globally o conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives.. PioniumTech provides the domain knowledge and technical competence to determine how technology impacts ... your business, and how you should harness its power to serve your customers better at reduced cost and increasing profitability. We critically study and analyse the business, operational needs, IT eco-system of our clients and suggest viable options partnering with them to achieve their business goals. . We also undertake:
    ● Project Management
    ● Performance re-engineering
    ● Platform optimization
    ● Platform migration
    ● BCP and DR planning

    CTO Outsourcing/Virtual CTO Services:

    Small & Medium businesses many a times are unable to engage full-time expertise of a Chief Technology Officer to roll out a critical or complex IT project owing to restrictions on permanent head count or previous unpleasant experience with full time CTO's, or ... being unsure of organisation’s IT needs. In such a circumstance, outsourcing expertise of CTO / CIO with a measurable mandate is a key to doing smart business.
    The above is akin to having a lawyer on retainership than an In-house counsel with a large team on the premises.   As the business grows, the existing and new issues are best handled by outsourced CTO. PioniumTech acts as your outsourced CTO or CIO. A Senior Member of PioniumTech e team assumes the critical role of any permanent CTO or CIO, who will take care of your business and technology needs and resolve issues competently.

    Application Development and Maintenance (ADM):

    We provide Complete range of  Client Specific Application Development Project Implementation Services meeting automation requirements at every stage of business operations. Our project teams ... competently gathers information relevant for : preparation of  Functional Specification Documentation, System Requirement Study and engage on crafting and implementing the solutions. Our services in this area include
    Software Development -  Life Cycle Projects – Multiple technologies(Java, Open source, Microsoft)
    ● System Integration – Interfaces to other applications
    ● Application implementation and support
    ● Software Package Implementation and support
    ● Version and platform Upgrades
    ● Staffing and people management – Right skills to match customer needs
    ● Application maintenance including legacy system maintenance

    Escrow Consulting/Source Code Review Services:

    Business Applications are complex, built in multiple languages on multiple technologies. Even more challenging is the fact that these applications interact with other applications built on different technologies. ... Analyzing the quality of these applications can be accomplished by KAPTREE’s dedicated team that analyzes the inner structure of all components and evaluates their interaction in the context of the entire business application. The types of application problems that most frequently cause disasters are not defects in functional logic, but by the non-functional defects that result from poor design and coding. Most functional defects are detected during development through reviews and testing. However, the non-functional defects often lie hidden beneath the surface of an application until they are triggered during ordinary business operations and cause embarrassing calamities customer care issues

    IT Governance

    ● Preparation of IT Governance frame-work
    ● BuDefining policies at Enterprise level
    ● Preparing IT processes
    ● Reviewing compliance to these policies and advising the board / senior management

    Business Intelligence and EPM

    We specialize in providing Product / Tool based Performance Solutions that allow companies to gain immediate and long-term benefits.
    Unified Performance Management and BI/ OBIEE Solutions shall design the way your business works. These solutions are Oracle based allowing companies to gain immediate and long-term benefits. These solutions allow companies to seamlessly work across key ... functions and enhance deliverables like: Consolidations, Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning, Reporting, Analytics that rely on centralized, timely and accurate data.
    Our focus is to streamlin and empower organization’s Planning and Consolidation Processes with reliable, replicable and auditable controls empowering CFO and his team to exercise better control.
    Our value added services span the entire spectrum of solution delivery:,Implementation Services, Training, Support, Expert Services, and Strategic Services.

    Remote Management Services

    Remote Support management

    • Operating System [Windows, All Unix flavors]
    • Database [Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MSSQL]
    • Network [Router, Switches*, Firewall]

    Mobile application development
    Business Application development
    Application Management

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